About Us

“Good shoes take you to places” and of course they make your journey comfortable.

The Urban Rover is a Niche Boutique. We work with the fundamentals of quality over quantity. A house of styles and trends, we cater to your éclat palette.

Our colour palette considers the needs of various occasions and moods. From peach to white to blues and greys, we have built a range that’s perfect for Sunday Brunch to Afternoon Golf,  Friday dressing to a formal ball. We have aesthetically worked in building the product. It isn’t about putting a preconceived notion, rather it is the result of careful study and observation, to design the product of that notion.  So our designs are aesthetic and innovative.

We are story tellers, our shoes are masterpieces. Every customer is a protagonist running their own story with our exclusive product.

Quality is our priority. We have used best possible raw material to create each piece. With nineteen designs to showcase we will keep on adding fresh ones every couple of months while removing the ones available now.