Shoe Care Instructions

  • To avoid damaging the back of your shoes, we suggest you use a shoehorn when putting your shoes on.
  • Before wearing your new shoes, carefully clean off any dirt with a soft cloth.
  • Cleaning your shoes regularly helps give your shoes a longer life. Every few months, use moisturizing leather cleaner to help remove dirt and restore the natural oils in the leather.
  • If you get a scuff or scratch, use a matching colour or neutral polish and buff with a soft cloth.
  • When your shoes become wet, dry them with a soft, clean cloth and let them dry in natural/warm environment. If your shoes are so wet that they are damp on the inside, we recommend packing the inside of the shoes with newspaper to help absorb water. Leather should always dry naturally, so avoid fires and heaters. Overheating will literally cook the leather and cause it to become stiff and brittle. When drying, avoid contact with darker materials as this may cause some colour to leak or transfer onto the shoes.
  • Give your shoes a rest. Leather shoes should have one full day to dry out from natural foot perspiration. While we understand that you want to wear your favourite shoes three days in a row, giving them a day off between outings will keep them very happy.
  • Smooth or grained leathers should be cleaned with a soft and dampened cloth. Once the leather is dry you can polish it in circular strokes using a high-quality colourless cream and a soft cloth.
  • To retain the original beauty and texture of your suede shoes and boots, store them in a cool, dry environment and away from direct heat.